DCDR Update – Mid-January 2018

Happy New Year!

For DCDR, this year is make or break time and so far, we are off to a good start. The first half of January has been a mix of progress and frustration but I am beginning to think that this is what ‘normal’ looks like for software development!

2018 planning – easy!


There are three main things on the positive side.

First, the overall concept and core feature set is really coming into focus after several interviews with subject matter experts and potential users. These began last year with my personal network and I managed to complete about a dozen interviews in the last couple of months of 2017.  I am now casting the net much wider and sent out 178 emails last week targeting a specific group for their thoughts. Uptake was limited to three interviews but even some of the rejection emails contained useful information.

What I’m thinking

This response rate equates to around 1.6% which would be OK for a general mailing campaign but this was a very specific, targeted group which is raising some questions in my mind. The key one being ‘is the lack of interest because a) I’m approaching the wrong people, b) not explaining what I’m offering clearly enough or, c) because there is no interest?‘ Of these, c) is obviously the most worrying.  The trick now is to refine, refine, refine and get all of the ideas, suggestions and input boiled down into what the features for the ‘beta’ version should be.

If you have some ideas to share and would be available for an interview, please send me an email.

Second, I think have found an agency to help with the technical development which is now exceeding my abilities. This is my third attempt to find someone who can dependably help on the technical side after two spectacular failures last year. I am still waiting for delivery of the first piece of work so I’m not 100% sure if this is the right fit but so far, so good.

Third, I’ve found a mentor to guide me and act as a sounding board. Even after only a couple of calls, this has been hugely useful to help me marshal my thoughts.  I am still trying to get from ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ to at least knowing what I don’t know. So far, the collaboration has been great and I hope that this continues as I definitely need both technical guidance and someone to keep me on track.


So the year got off to a great start and DCDR is moving in the right direction at the right pace. At this stage, the frustrations primarily stem from an abundance of choice. The flexibility of code and the relative ease of developing something means anything is possible. Unfortunately, that’s as much of a disadvantage as a benefit so my main task now is to focus up on the refining and distillation I mentioned above.

Eventually, DCDR will offer a wide range of decision-support tools which I believe will completely change how organizations approach risk and risk-based decision making. However, to get to that stage, I need to start with something that tackles the basic needs.

If only I could find an online tool to help me with my decision-making….

What do you think? Email me and let me know what you think the app’s core features should be.

Upcoming goals:

Over the next two weeks, my main goals are to:

  • Have a functioning version of the app for demos by the end of January
  • Schedule the first round of demos for early February
  • Have a revised information pack to share with interested parties by the end of January


See you in two weeks!



Good? Bad? Ugly? Tell me what you think.