DCDR Pilot Program Launching Soon

The DCDR pilot program is designed to allow early adopters of the product to have pre-release access to the application. The program is primarily for highly-engaged, passionate users with a shared interest in seeing an effective, efficient risk assessment application in the marketplace. In addition to early access, users on the pilot program will be intimately involved with DCDR’s development and there will be an open line of communication between the app development team and pilot program members.

Don’t need to hear any more?  Send an email to sign up.

This feedback is incredibly valuable for DCDR which is why the pilot program is free of charge. This also recognizes that although the initial version of the app is stable and secure (see more about security below), not all functionality will be available immediately. Moreover, as with all early-stage software, bugs can crop up. This coupled with the value of the feedback is why there is no charge for the pilot program.

However, the pilot program is not for everyone. Pilot program members must be engaged and enthusiastic, as well as being somewhat forgiving. Anyone with no experience of ‘beta’ release software, or someone looking for a polished, fully functional application won’t be a good fit for the pilot program.

If you are keen to see an effective risk assessment and decision-support application in the market, please send an email to join the pilot program.

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Andrew Sheves, Founder DCDR

A note on security

Despite the early stages of the app, security ranks alongside functionality as a priority. Even at this early stage, we want DCDR to offer an effective, efficient and security environment to protect whatever data you enter into the system. You can see a summary of our security and privacy policies here but know we are committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of your data at all times.

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