DCDR Mid-April Update

DCDR risk management software

Suddenly, it’s the middle of April, DCDR is live and there are eight users in the system.

It’s a very security-focussed group but pilot program members span the globe from Asia to West Africa and the USA.  Later today I’m demo-ing the app to someone in Papua New guinea.  Keeping track of timezones is beginning to be a major item on my to-do list…!

I’m hoping to get another two-to-four users onto the system for the pilot program and then it’s full-on validation and refinement into mid- to late-May.  (If you are interested in taking one of these slots, drop me a note.)

So far, feedback has been positive and the core feature set seems to have covered 75% of use cases but a couple of additional features have been built to address specific requests.  One is incident reporting and the other is a basic security audit tool.  It’s going to be interesting to see how often each element is used. I have my suspicions but I will wait to see what the data tells me.

The full feature set at the moment is:

  • Risk assessments – conduct risk assessments and add individual risks.  Two assessment methodologies are supported currently.
  • Overview dashboard – a customizable dashboard to show a summary of key data based on the user’s requriements.
  • Reporting – generate PDF reports by assessment, location, threat type, function / department, incident.
  • Support for multiple-organizations – service providers can create multiple client profiles to manage multiple locations / clients.
  • Incident reporting – fast, simple incident reporting with email notification based on event severity
  • Security audit – simple auditing tool to assess the key elements of a security system.

This represents V1.20 (or something like that) as I have been tweaking, refining and cleaning each time I customize the app.  I am pleased that each iteration is making it a little cleaner, easier to use, faster and more robust.

My next little project is a set of user guides and ‘how to’s which I will post on the user guide page but will also link to those here.

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