Geolocations, incident reporting and other features added

I’ve just added some new features following feedback from the pilot program users.  The geolocations aspect is particularly exciting for me. I have wanted to add this for a long time and I am going to be experimenting with adding mapping to the reporting and dashboard features.

Geolocations are enabled

Add locations by dropping pins onto a map.  Worldwide coverage and a fast, simple way to add locations accurately.  This is particularly useful where an address cannot be added using a street / zip code  address.

Incident reporting

You can now record and report incidents from within the app.  A one-sheet, simple, reporting form allows fast, easy incident reporting.  Locations can be selected from the existing locations log or added using geo-coordinates and photos and files can be added.

Security asset audits

Check your security assets using a simple audit form to ensure that all security assets and systems are checked regularly and are fit for purpose.


Stay tuned for more!

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