About Riskademy

Riskademy is my effort to pay back everyone who has helped me with my risk management journey.  Time and time again, people have been extremely generous with their expertise and knowledge and been willing to sit down and share this with me when, frankly, they could have been doing something that was more important to them.  This site is my version of that and while I am always happy to sit and chat about risk, a website is a better way to reach a lot of people.  (I also move and travel a lot so doing this online makes a lot more sense.)  This is also my attempt to build a resource that I was looking for back when I got started in risk management (more on that below).

My aim is to make risk management accessible which means that I want the largest number of people possible to be able to access high quality risk management materials.  This also means that a lot of what is on Riskademy is free to access and download and everything is released under a creative commons license allowing you to adapt and use this for your own organization.  Sometimes there will be premium products that are offered for sale.  These are normally courses or resources that are really for organizations, not individuals, but costs will still be kept to a minimum to ensure that even small organizations can make use of these.  Supplementing the free material with paid products helps me maintain the free elements of the site (which will always be the majority of what is on Riskademy).

About me

My name is Andrew Sheves and I have been working in risk and crisis management and corporate security since 2002.  My bio and the corporate photo below show me in full corporate consultant mode but when I started back in 2002, I had limited knowledge, limited time and very limited budget.  But I still needed to learn a lot to do my job properly. So this is who I have in mind when I write a lot of this material.  Most articles begin with me asking ‘how would I explain this to the 2002 version of me?

The corporate bio

Andrew Sheves is a risk, crisis and security manager with over 25 years of experience in the commercial sector and in government.

Previously, Sheves was a Director at Regester Larkin (now Register Larkin by Deloitte), a specialist crisis management consultancy. There he provided risk and crisis management support worldwide to clients from multiple sectors including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and engineering services firms.

Between 2002 – 2011, Sheves worked at Control Risks and Drum Cussac delivering security and risk management support to organizations at both corporate and site levels, focussing on the Middle East and Africa. He began his career in the British Army where he served from 1991 – 2002.

Sheves runs Tarjuman LLC, a risk consultancy and he is the creator of DCDR, a risk management software platform.  He also operates the Riskademy training site which publishes free tools and resources for those interested in risk management as he believes we all benefit from a better understanding of risk.

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