Building a risk management system – the handbook

You need a guide when you are building a risk management system

You need this handbook

Integrating a risk management system into your department or organization will be a major endeavor.  While there are significant benefits to making this change, the degree of effort required should not be underestimated.  Designing and implementing an ERM system is not something you can just jump into.

You need a plan.  A logical approach to set things out and tackle this in a thoughtful way.

This guide is that plan

build a risk management system with this handbook

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This guide outlines the system and process I have used to develop dozens of major programs for clients.  This guide lays out a process that has worked for a wide range of firms, providing you with a step-by-step approach to help you successfully complete this project for your own organization.

A clear approach

The guide is broken down into eight logical steps to take you from scoping the project to rolling out the system.

  1. Scope and design the project
  2. Understand the organization
  3. Develop the framework
  4. Development the documents
  5. Budget for / request purchases
  6. Review the ERM
  7. Train the people
  8. Roll out the system

These eight steps explain everything you need to consider and do in order to embed a risk management system into your organization that is robust and fit for purpose.

Plus the tools and templates you need

This is a real how-to guide.  This is for people who want to get this done.

So in addition to the explanations of each step, the book contains links to give you access to forms, tools and templates to help you develop your system.

The book also contains two essays, How to design a framework for an ERM system and Integrating an ERM system into your organization.  These complement the how-to elements of the guide by  providing additional background explaining what the system should do and why in more detail.

Not just for enterprise risk management

And even though this guide focuses on risk management, with some minor tweaks, this process can also be used for aligned activities,.  So if you are planning an enterprise security risk management (ESRM) or even business continuity management, this guide will help.

This book outlines the system and process I have used to develop dozens of major programs for clients over the last 15+ years. It’s the playbook I use for this kind of thing and it’s one that I know works.

That’s why I’m confident backing this up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

So if this doesn’t help you design, build and implement a risk management system for your organization, I’ll refund your money.

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Anyone familiar with Riskademy will know that the whole project began as a way for me to build the tools I wanted and needed back in 2002 when I started in the commercial risk management field.  This guide is a major milestone in that journey and I hope it can help risk managers make their organizations more risk resilient, risk aware and successful, no matter where you are or whatever your experience.



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