DCDR – ESRM ready software

DCDR risk management software

DCDR – risk management software to support ESRM


DCDR is the ideal platform for anyone implementing a risk-led security program and looking for an ESRM software tool to support this. DCDR is fast, robust and functional and was originally built with the security risk manager in mind.

Developed over 15 years, the DCDR (dəˈsīdər) is risk management software that puts you in control of your data and works for the user. DCDR does away with complex spreadsheets and shaded grids to give you fast assessments and rich, detailed reports saving you hundreds of hours and thousand of dollars in the process.

DCDR was built for users from all sectors and business functions with the intent that all users in an organization could share risk assessment information in a like-by-like format.

This functionally-neutral approach makes DCDR an ideal platform for security managers looking for a tool to support an ESRM program.  Moreover, DCDR also comes equipped with an incident reporting module to allow you to use a single platform to manage incident and risk reporting.  Additional security-specific modules – such as audit tools – are in development to offer a full suite of ESRM tools for security managers.

DCDR is robust, secure and helps you get the right information to key decision-makers as quickly as possible making this the ideal platform to support your ESRM program.

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